A stata program that makes mapping easy.

by Michael Stepner

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These geography templates are freely available for anyone to download and use. They were created using public domain or openly licensed inputs.

Click on the [+] in the left margin to toggle the details open or shut.

If there is no geography corresponding to the region that you want to map, it is not difficult to make a new geography. See the maptile help file for instructions. You can use demo_maptile.ado and demo_maptile.smcl as a template. Then send me an e-mail if you want to host it here to share with others!

Region Units Vintage Map Geography Name Author
+ Canada Economic Regions 2011 can_er Michael Stepner
+ Canada Provinces 2011 can_prov Michael Stepner
+ United States CBSAs 2009 cbsa2009 Meru Bhanot
+ United States CBSAs 2013 cbsa2013 Meru Bhanot
+ United States Counties 1990 county1990 Michael Stepner
+ United States Counties 2000 county2000 Chieko Maene
+ United States Counties 2010 county2010 Chieko Maene
+ United States Counties 2014 county2014 Chieko Maene
+ United States Commuting Zones 1990 cz1990 Michael Stepner
+ United States Commuting Zones 2000 cz2000 Maithreyi Gopalan
+ United States District Courts 2014 district_courts Benjamin Chartock
+ United States HRRs 2005 hrr Michael Stepner
+ United States MSA/CMSAs 2000 msacmsa2000 Meru Bhanot
+ United States MSA/PMSAs 2000 msapmsa2000 Meru Bhanot
+ United States States 2010 state Michael Stepner
+ United States States (Hexagons) 2015 statehex Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
+ United States 3-digit ZIP Codes 2000 zip3 Michael Stepner
+ United States 5-digit ZIP Codes 2000 zip5 Michael Stepner